Alexis Mera, a New York-based athleisure brand, is creating versatile pieces that will easily transition throughout your day. The collection's eclectic bold prints, casual fabrics (that pack well!), and great fit quickly won me over. Designer Alexis Mera is proving that you can be comfortable yet still look stylish. She is creating pieces with today's modern woman in mind and her active lifestyle.

Noteworthy talked with Alexis to learn more about her inspiration for the collection and what's in store for the brand.

Noteworthy: What inspired you to launch an athleisurewear brand? 

Alexis: I wanted to simplify my wardrobe and have staple pieces that I could basically wear anywhere. Initially the concept of Alexis Mera was more of a ready to wear loungewear line that was comfy, casual, and best of all, sophisticated enough to wear outside. It was also very important to me to keep the manufacturing in the United States, that’s why the entire collection is produced at a small factory right here in New York City. My background is in Product Development and Merchandising in the Sleepwear industry, so loungewear was an easy transition. Since the launch in February 2015, the line quickly evolved into an athleisure concept. More and more women were asking if they can wear our Cortelyou Joggers to yoga (the answer is yes). People today are living healthier, active lifestyles (which I think is great by the way), so I thought, “Why not cater to the modern woman?”, especially now that Athleisure is officially a word in the dictionary. My goal is to offer easy to wear pieces that can essentially be worn anywhere. Sleep to street, yoga to brunch, and beyond (they’re especially great for traveling). Most of all, I want women to be comfortable in their own skin, which is why I've stuck to a minimal aesthetic. Seems to be working!

Noteworthy: What was your source of inspiration for the current collection?

Alexis: My source of inspiration is always the women around me. Whether it be the executive, yogi, mom, or fit chick, I try to create pieces that work for all women, and for many different occasions. Also, I'm currently having a slight palm obsession, which can be seen in our Rio Palm, Palms at Dusk, and Sport Your Coral prints. Maybe it's because there are NO palm trees in NYC.

Alexis Mera

Noteworthy: Do you have any favorite pieces from the collection and why?

Alexis: It’s hard to pick just one! Currently, my favorite print is Sport Your Coral. I like the scale of the print and love the coral ground color!

Alexis Mera

Noteworthy: One word that best describes you as a designer. 

Alexis: Perfectionist. This is actually the case in most parts of my life, except our storage closet - that needs a serious makeover! When it's your own line/business, it's hard not to strive to develop and produce your best work. Whether it be a stitching detail, a thread color, an accent color in a print, the layout of the website, or even the way you build relationships with customers/collaborators. Each detail is very carefully thought out and perfected.

Alexis Mera

Noteworthy: What’s in store for Alexis Mera? New pieces or prints coming soon? 

Alexis: Prints, prints, and MORE PRINTS, coming this Summer and Fall. Our prints are our best sellers, and specifically in our Cortelyou Jogger style. We're also working on an activewear collection. No firm dates yet, but we are very VERY excited. The best place to stay in the loop for new arrivals and collection updates is Instagram, @alexismeranyc.

Alexis Mera

Noteworthy: Where can we buy/find the collection? 

Alexis: The collection is always available at and at specialty stores in the US and Canada. We're very excited about a new stockist in Charlotte, which you may know, Shop Capella. We also do Pop Ups and Trunk Show events. Our next Pop Up event is in New Orleans with the Brandshop, you can check out the details here.

Alexis grew up in Westchester, NY, and moved to New York City to attend FIT. She now calls Brooklyn her home, which is where she works and lives with her husband (and website developer) Márcio dos Santos. Alexis enjoys weight training, people watching, and binge watching television series on Netflix (when there is time!).  

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Images by Alexis Mera (she does all of her own brand product photography!). Headshot of Alexis by Márcio dos Santos and factory image by Damaris dos Santos.