Brave Bone Broth is making its mark in Charlotte with a loyal following of clients who can't get enough of the healing benefits of adding bone broth to their diet. I decided to find out for myself what all the buzz was about when founder, Joanna Reule, invited me to try a three-day bone broth cleanse with her.

Brave Bone Broth is made from cooking grass-fed beef marrow bones, free range turkey, chicken, organic celery, onions, carrots, and whole canned tomatoes over low heat for 12-hours, with a pinch of sea salt and peppercorns.  The result is a delicious and nourishing bone broth, full of collagen, gelatin, and protein.  The breakdown of the cartilage, marrow, and collagen in the bones renders gelatin containing amino acids like glycine, proline, and glucosamine, and minerals such as calcium, phosphorous, iron and zinc. Bone broth has been reported to reduce inflammation, aid the immune system, improve mood, sleep, brain health, heal and seal a leaky gut, render glowing skin, hair and nails.

Adding bone broth as regular part of your diet is easy, whether sipping it as a mid-afternoon snack or nightcap or enjoying it as a lunch time supplement at just 80 calories and 20 grams of protein per pint.  A bone broth cleanse is a natural and easy way to detoxify the body while replacing toxic and processed foods with a clean, time tested, and ancestral food of homemade broth, cooked from organic resources.  Joanna recommends doing a three-day bone broth reset, replacing two meals a day with a pint of bone broth. Make sure you drink plenty of water and that your third meal is clean, protein, and vegetable heavy.

During the cleanse, bone broth is fine on its own, or you may want to add nourishing supplements like fresh ginger juice, coconut oil, fresh turmeric, lemon grass infused coconut milk, red pepper flake cayenne oil, garlic puree, or flax oil.  All of these add-ins aren't necessary, they only serve your gut health and further increase the benefits of your bone broth, while adding interest and flavor during your cleanse.  If you do the add-ins, experiment to your liking, and have fun with it! Healing your body should be nourishing and relaxing, not depressing. Joanna looks forward to her daily cup of bone broth like a special treat, one that has been prepared with time and care, like a slow cooked gourmet meal that is also healing, inside and out.

Thank you Joanna of Brave Bone Broth for sharing with us! And thank you for my cleanse. Overall I enjoyed my experience (a few hangry moments aside..) and can honestly testify to the healing benefits of bone broth. Just after three short days, I could feel a big difference in my overall digestion and "gut health". My skin looked bright and super clear. I was sleeping better than ever and with abstaining from coffee, sugar, and alcohol I felt like I gave my body a real reset. To get through my hungry moments, I increased my water intake and started to add a tablespoon of raw coconut oil to my broth to make it feel a little more satisfying. It takes some willpower (and prayer) to stay on track, but I always like a good challenge. If a cleanse is not for you, that's ok, adding broth to your diet or replacing a meal is a great place to start!

Joanna Reule has lived in Charlotte for 14 years and is married to her Chapel Hill sweetheart or "BHE" (best husband ever) with four children. Joanna saw the movie "Lion" on a girls night and fell apart with a broken heart for human trafficking, especially with children - and had to do SOMETHING - the answer was to make and sell bone broth (she wasn't a fan of the store bought broth and they were always into the latest health trends). The name Brave comes from "Be Brave, Be Strong, Let all you do be done with Love." Give the money, raise awareness, tell your story. 20% of the proceeds goes to International Justice Mission and locally to Present Age Ministries, who rehabilitate and restore trafficked minors in the Charlotte area. Brave Bone Broth is a natural way to heal your body, and an easy way to come together and help heal our world. 

Learn more at and @joannareule on Instagram.

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