CAPELLA is one of the brightest stars in the sky. Inspired by its meaning, CAPELLA founder Trish Mears, set out to "share the light and empower every mama, sister, and friend to be the most confident and beautiful versions of themselves". With the launch of her online shop, Trish is bringing a well-curated shopping experience to today's modern woman. As a busy working mother herself, she understands what it is like to bounce from carpool, work meetings, and dinner with friends. Like most women, she wants a wardrobe that fits her lifestyle. Through her online shop Trish hopes to bring other women the clothes that truly work well for them and fit their day with carefully selected brands and designers. It goes beyond the clothes for Trish, she cares about who is making them and the designer's story. Working closely with photographer and stylist Ariana Clare, the ladies of CAPELLA are sharing daily style inspiration, a glimpse into the CAPELLA girl's lifestyle, and how casual is the new chic.

Trish took Noteworthy and friends on a short road trip in the CAPELLA sprinter van for a boho party and to play dress-up. We chatted with Trish to learn about the inspiration behind launching the online shop and more about the CAPELLA girl.


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Noteworthy: What inspired the launch of CAPELLA?

Trish: I set out to create something unique and help empower women to feel confident and beautiful.

Noteworthy: How would you describe the "CAPELLA girl"?

Trish: The CAPELLA girl is casual, yet ready for work, a backyard barbecue, game night, or a date night. I truly want it to be a place where you can find a little bit of everything, from a beautiful dress to the casual chic piece for the carpool ready mom. Women now more than ever are busy moms, wives, friends, and have powerful jobs so I want to make the clothing side feel effortlessly cool and easy.


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Noteworthy: CAPELLA has a nicely curated selection of brands, what is your approach to the names you carry?

Trish: Honestly, a lot of research and personal buys. It is also very important to me to understand the designer and what their story represents. I love being able to tell women where their clothes were made and who is behind the brand.

Noteworthy: Who are your style icons?

Trish: Kate Beckinsale, Olivia Palermo, and Julie Sariñana of Sincerely Jules.


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Noteworthy: What inspired the CAPELLA mobile van?

Trish: I am a hippie at heart. I also wanted to make shopping easier for women and have a social aspect to it. With the van we always host an event or party and the women seem to really enjoy it. In the South, we are all about social events and this makes for a fun Monday shopping.


Dresses by Free People

Noteworthy: What top trends of the season are you currently loving?

Trish: Off the shoulder, baring the shoulders at the moment.


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Noteworthy: One word that best describes your style. 

Trish: Sporty, casual-chic.


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Noteworthy: What is in store for CAPELLA? 

Trish: Oooh that's a secret!!! I just want to slowly grow organically and no matter what always have the best people around the business. I would love to have a bigger warehouse and outfit sprinter vans across the United States. Then I would be able to franchise the concept and be able to pick the clothing for each van based on the region. I think that would be the ultimate goal.


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Trish Mears is the founder of CAPELLA and lives in Charlotte, NC, with her husband and two young children. Trish created CAPELLA to bring an easy lifestyle vision to friends in and outside of Charlotte. With her love for family, friends, and Golden Goose sneakers, Trish is sharing her personal style to help you create your own. With her travels and bi-coastal adventures, she is ready and excited to share a high quality collection and lifestyle tips with you. 

Ariana Clare is a photographer and stylist who loves all things fashion. She believes in the vision behind CAPELLA of empowering every mama, sister and friend to be the most confident and beautiful versions of themselves. She has her own photography business apart from doing photography, blogging, and social media for CAPELLA. Ariana has worked with several brands such as Madewell, Anthropologie, and Topshop to name a few. She lives in Charlotte, NC, with her husband Michael and their son Mathis.

Boho party accessories provided by Trish's personal collection, Noteworthy, and items from Home with Heart in Charlotte, NC.

Images by Ariana Clare,