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Similar to how I like to refresh my wardrobe for a new season, I love adding new products to my beauty routine. I am always looking for products that make my life easier and yet still deliver great results. The reality is, as a mom, I don't have a lot of time to dedicate to […]

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I love a good braid. It makes such a statement, is feminine, and polished without feeling too formal. It is true that certain hair types work better than others for braids (you know who you are) but a few easy to follow steps from stylist Jaclyn Beith of 8 the Salon in Charlotte, NC, will […]

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When doing my own hair I typically style it one of two ways, a quick blowout (think 5 minutes, with minimal prep) or pulled back in a ponytail. Most days I do not have time to fuss, I am lucky if I even get a shower. But wouldn't it be great to have the know […]

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Beauty Saving Tips

During a recent conversation Emily and I were having, we found ourselves on the topic of how expensive it has become to maintain yourself these days. There are costly workout classes, cosmetic procedures/ injectables, bee venom facials, lasers that do it all, the list goes on and on. I, myself, have always been up for […]

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Makeup Refresh

Woo Skincare and Cosmetics in Charlotte, North Carolina, is transforming the beauty shopping experience by bringing top of the line makeup and skincare, commonly available in large retail stores, together with other brands and products not as widely known, to create a welcoming local boutique that feels personal and is earning a faithful following from […]

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Skin 101

I had never been much into facials and was guilty of neglecting my skin in terms of a regimen. Sure, I have filled my vanity with creams, toners and scrubs. But I never stopped to “listen” to what my skin may or may not be telling me. I have always been quick to answer “normal” […]

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