Perfect Pumpkin Bread

This pumpkin bread from Smitten Kitchen is simply delicious. Perfectly pumpkin and just enough sweetness, this bread will be a hit for the holiday season (or any season). To make it even more festive, I added a light dusting of powder sugar. Smitten Kitchen recipe I modified the amount of sugar using only 1 1/3 […]

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Stir Fry

Stir fry is my go-to for family dinner. It is easy, the boys love it, and is great leftover (and I typically don't do leftovers!). Initially the prep may seem like a lot, but once you have done it a time or two you will find your rhythm and will be adding this dish to […]

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Simple Spaghetti

We eat our share of spaghetti at our house. I love making meat sauce, the real deal, with ground beef. My oldest, like many kids, often requests butter and parmesan for his noodles. In an effort to mix it up, and to find a good use for those jewels of cherry tomatoes, I'm making a […]

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Strawberry Shortcake

We are savoring the last days of summer, taking our dessert post-dinner outside for a backyard picnic. With every last fresh strawberry, I am reminded just how sweet this season truly is. School is just around the corner, the boys go back after Labor Day, so I am trying to be intentional and enjoy the […]

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22 Days Nutrition

I like a smoothie that packs a punch - a little something extra that makes it more filling. Adding oats or almond butter, for example, can make a smoothie more substantial. Like many, I am always looking for ways to add more healthy protein to my diet, something we typically don't get enough of. When […]

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Ice Cream Sandwiches

Nothing says summer like ice cream! Transform your casual summer ice cream treat by trying an ice cream sandwich. It's a crowd pleaser (kids and adults alike!) and the process is simple. I love a snickerdoodle cookie for mine, but chocolate chip or your cookie of choice works just as well. The cookie is really […]

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Pomegranate Orange Smoothie

This refreshing smoothie is perfect for a warm summer day. I love the flavor combination of the pomegranate and orange. In a high-power blender, the pomegranate seeds blend nicely into the smoothie. I like to add a handful of frozen strawberries for added color and sweetness! Pomegranate Orange Smoothie 1 cup unsweetened almond milk (homemade […]

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Granola is a great snack to have around the house. I love to throw it on top of Greek yogurt with fresh berries and honey. For breakfast I'll add some almond milk and fresh fruit. This granola recipe is so simple and I love the combination of flavors from the olive oil and honey. The […]

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Cashew Milk

In an effort to branch out from my usual "go-to" (almond milk), I decided to give another nut a try (and with some encouragement from my mom who raved about the simplicity and goodness). I think I may have found some competition for my favored almond. The process for making cashew milk feels similar to […]

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Simple Salad

Spring is here and the warm weather is motivating me to freshen up my at home meals. The spring and summer months always have me craving salads loaded with the season's bounty (or maybe it's my bikini giving me the stink eye in my closet). If you are like me, you're a visual eater, and […]

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