Indigo Tilt, a Charlotte-based lifestyle brand, is making a statement with their uniquely designed jewelry and accessories. Each piece showcases the organic beauty and simplicity of the materials used to create it. The craftsmanship and heart that goes into making each Indigo Tilt piece by its founder, Ali Kraus-Flower, is at the forefront of the brand which strives to tell a story of the inspirations and the influences behind everything they create.

Ali, along with her business partner and friend Loren Neus, "believe that great style is a conscious decision in self-expression". Ali and Loren are using their platform to bring today's (stylish) modern woman beautiful pieces in their online artisanal shop, as well as, a space to explore style and inspirations in their Journal.

Indigo Tilt is celebrating their two-year anniversary this month with the launch of their Sloan inspired Capsule Collection and trunk show November 1-4 in Charlotte, NC. I had the privilege to chat more with the ladies of Indigo Tilt and style a few pieces in collaboration with Sloan.


Loren & Ali (right)

Noteworthy: What is the inspiration behind the name Indigo Tilt?

Ali + Loren: It is our opinion that a name should make a person feel something and trigger the senses. Much like a scent can bring you back to a lovely memory, a name should touch your senses and recall a feeling that draws you in. The word “Indigo” settles in the senses as a beautiful exotic fragrance, a comforting and serene setting; and a feeling in its presence of delight, hope and individuality. We thought this would be a great beginning. And to end, Tilt was the perfect match, given an innate fascination with uniqueness in design and life. Most often when the norm is shifted…or rather, tilted…beauty is found.

Noteworthy: As a designer, where do you draw your inspiration from?

Ali: Inspiration is everywhere! That’s why I find it extremely important for me to stay present. I usually find the quiet time in yoga very useful. There is something about the forced stillness that allows me to take colors or ideas I have seen over the last day or week and complete them into a design. I tend to create things that I would want to wear. I typically don’t wear much color or pattern so I have always looked to my accessories to reflect my sense of style and show interest. Indigo Tilt embodies living in the beauty of simplicity and honoring the inherent charm of nature’s unique characteristics. We believe that great style is a conscious decision in self-expression.

Noteworthy: What are your favorite types of pieces to design?

Ali: I love to design things that have great versatility and are multifunctional. Our Nilah™ top is a great example of a versatile accessory that can completely transform an outfit, be it casual or formal. Many of our necklaces may also be worn as wrap bracelets and/or belts.

Shop the look at Sloan (Charlotte, NC) / Nilah with brass studs

Noteworthy: What trends are you loving for fall?

Ali + Loren: Well, of course LEATHER! We are enamored with the deep, rich gem tones, and brass/gold. In fact, our Winter Collection was inspired by these vibes. We love the juxtaposition of adding prints and various materials to dress up or down an outfit.

Noteworthy: Who are your style icons?

Ali + Loren: We are drawn to woman who have confidence in their style and aren’t afraid to take chances. Kelly Wearstler, Jenna Lyons, and Olivia Palermo are all women that exude that type of chic sophistication with a touch of eclectic flair.

Noteworthy: Where can people shop Indigo Tilt pieces?

Ali + Loren: Our website shop is the best place for customers to see pieces from our collections past and present, as well as size guides and styling suggestions. Our items may also be found in various boutiques in Charlotte and New York. We often have trunk shows at boutiques and pop-ups in art galleries. People can sign up for our email list to learn about these events.

Shop the stud cuffs

Noteworthy: Currently what is your favorite Indigo Tilt piece and why?

Ali + Loren: It is too hard to choose one piece! The new Winter Collection Nilah Tops that are reversible to fur and the new stud cuffs are definitely ones we can’t get enough of.

Nilah top with reversible fur / Pants and t-shirt by Sundry (Sloan)


Indigo Tilt is a lifestyle brand that embodies living in the beauty of simplicity. We believe that great style is a conscious decision in self-expression. The artisanal inspiration, details and thoughtful craftsmanship behind our original designs are meant to enrich the story of your curated life. Each piece in our collection is intended to compliment your individuality and carry a legacy that grows more attractive with time. Learn more at and follow @indigotilt on Instagram.

Feature images by Will Taylor @thewilltaylor and

Indigo Tilt images by Christina Hussey and Olly Yung