Abstract expressionist, Kate Long Stevenson, celebrated for abstracts of inviting pastel palettes and eye catching explorations of the human figure, is adding even more dimension to an already dynamic body of work by bringing together her beloved abstracts and figures on one canvas in her most recent paintings. Looking back at Kate’s work over the years, it is clear that her abstracts and figures have long been in communication with each other, sharing similar palettes, and energy inspired heavily by Kate’s love for music. Her studio and Kate alike come alive with the sound of music guiding her brushstrokes and bringing clarity and enjoyment to the artistic process.

I was first introduced to Kate’s paintings at a show at Hidell Brooks Gallery in Charlotte, North Carolina. I was quickly drawn to her ability to bring the human figure to life on paper, creating an illusion of movement through the form. I am not surprised to learn how Kate’s background in dance, specifically ballet, and passion for music has and continues to inspire her as an artist. Her choice of palette, mainly working in pastels and shades of blue, purple and green, is a palette she feels most comfortable with and shares how it serves as a nice juxtaposition to the heightened emotion and energy innate to her work.

Based in Charleston, South Carolina, Kate is thankful to be surrounded by such a large network of like-minded entrepreneurial women and the city’s broader creative community that notably has captured the attention of many. When she’s not in the studio, you will likely find Kate in the kitchen, she loves to cook and enjoys living in a culinary mecca. Fig, The Ordinary, Cru Café, and Lucca are her tried and true favorites. Kate explains how the city, a cosmopolitan, suits her well with its small town charm but big city aspects bringing diverse cultural experiences through festivals, such as Spoleto.

Looking ahead, I ask Kate what is on her bucket list in hopes of getting to know her better and to get some insight into what is next for her as an artist. Without hesitation, she shares how she looks forward to seeing her two young boys grow up. As a parent myself, I understand why this ranks at the top of her list. Kate hopes to return to Europe, she spent time in Italy as a student, and explore more places including France, Austria, and other areas in Italy. One day she hopes to see her painting in a museum, something that motivates her to push herself as an artist. If you have seen her work, it is not a question of if but rather a question of when. As an admirer of her work, I look forward to seeing what piece will cross this item off Kate’s bucket list.

Sample works via www.katelongstevenson.com.

Kate Long Stevenson lives in Charleston, South Carolina, with her two young boys. She loves music, great food, yoga, and dance parties.

Featured images by Kirk Robert Chambers, www.kirkrobert.com.