Woo Skincare and Cosmetics in Charlotte, North Carolina, is transforming the beauty shopping experience by bringing top of the line makeup and skincare, commonly available in large retail stores, together with other brands and products not as widely known, to create a welcoming local boutique that feels personal and is earning a faithful following from its clients.

For me personally, I struggle to keep my makeup bag fresh with the essential products and need to be reminded of simple tips to help me “get up and go” in five minutes or less. I typically get the same results whether I spend five minutes or twenty minutes applying makeup, it somehow seems to disappear on the drive from home to preschool drop-off. When getting ready to take headshots for Noteworthy’s launch, I was quick to schedule a professional makeup appointment. I scheduled an appointment at Woo, at the time only knowing it by its storefront in a familiar part of town, in hopes of getting a natural, polished look that would translate well in front of the camera. Ann Mendelsohn of Woo not only restored my faith in being able to get my makeup professionally done (without fear of looking like a clown), she helped me see that it can be simple, less is truly more, and a few great products can wake-up my face in minutes and give me the fresh look we all want.

With this new perspective, I returned to Woo to bring my makeup bag back to life and to get a crash course on application from the experts. It is amazing to see how a few tips can transform your look. I left wondering why no one shared these treasures of information with me sooner.

Ann brought “rest” to my face with a few sprays of a Vitamin C splash, an eye mask, and good quality eye serum and cream. Seeing it was the Monday morning following the holidays, these steps were critical! 

  1. Hydrate: Vitamin C splash by Natura Bisse
  2. Soothe and Brighten: Triangle of Light Eye Mask by Trish McEvoy
  3. Moisturize: Eye serum and cream from the Diamond Collection by Natura Bisse

Ann suggests you always start with your eyes. Apply an eye shadow base, which helps rid darkness. Use black eyeliner (yes, black works for anyone) to open the eyes. Prep your eyelashes with an eyelash curler (something I have not used since high school!) before applying mascara.

  1. Eye Liner: Gel eye liner (black), can be applied with a flat or angled brush
  2. Eyelash Curler: Curl lashes with eyelash curler
  3. Mascara: Longest Lash Mascara by Chantecaille (apply two coats, minimum). Ann loves this product, which contains a rosewater base that actually promotes lash growth.
  4. Eye Shadow: Sparkle eye shadow by Bobbi Brown. Ann picked “Mica” for me and I love how it adds brightness to my eyes and a subtle pop of color and sparkle.
  5. Bronze Liner: I am surprised to learn how a bronze liner, added to the base of your lower lashes, can open up your eyes.
  6. Brow Definer: Chantecaille Brow Definer makes it easy to fill-in brows and creates volume with its dual-ended groomer and tailored tip for tailor-made application.


  1. Concealer: Instant Eye Lift by Trish McEvoy. This product helps conceal darkness under the eyes. Apply by drawing an upside down triangle under the eye with brush (matches shape of eye mask).
  2. Foundation: Beauty Balm by Trish McEvoy. This provides a great foundation with skincare benefits and sun protection.
  3. Bronzer: Apply in a “C” motion from the eyes to the cheeks and lightly on the neck.
  4. Blush: Cream blush, or Pot Rouge for Cheeks and Lips by Bobbi Brown. Apply to apple of cheek (smile if need be, to find true “apple”) using fingers or a foundation brush. Selecting a color is really based on personal preference.


  1. Lip Liner: Lip Definer by Chantecaille. Use a color that is one notch brighter than your natural lip color to make your lips pop.
  2. Lip Stick and Gloss: Lip Stick by Chantecaille, which provides creamy color and is long lasting. Ann says don’t be afraid of color, a bright lip can wake-up your face and bring youthfulness (sold!). A great gloss can also help perfect your pout by adding moisture and shine.

I left Woo with a few, not all, of Ann’s recommendations. The Instant Eye Lift, sparkle eye shadow, Beauty Balm, Lip Definer and Lip Stick have dramatically refreshed my makeup bag and look. With a better understanding of how to apply, I can easily run through the steps in 5 minutes. I am eager to go back for the additional products we tried and I am excited to see the arrival of new collections coming out for spring. Ann shares her excitement for the sneak peeks she has seen from the brands, promising soft, yet eye catching color.

Woo Skincare and Cosmetics is located at 2900 Selwyn Avenue in Charlotte, North Carolina, with other locations in Nashville, and two stores in Atlanta. From its origins, Woo Skincare and Cosmetics was founded to give women a personal, pampering and fun shopping environment for their makeup and skincare choices. With local ownership and in-store expertise, every experience at Woo is characterized by the “golden rule” that every customer leaves happy. For more information about Woo and services offered, visit www.wooskincareandcosmetics.com or call (704) 333-0443. 

Images by Ariana Clare, www.arianaclare.com