Designer Emily Williams Stankus refreshes a couple's Myers Park home through a harmonious balance of old and new and an inviting palette that greets its guests with a warm welcome. Beloved family antiques were incorporated with some more transitional pieces to create a space that has a story to tell. A thoughtful combination of things from the past, elements that have been restored, and new pieces add depth and a sense of freshness to this modern interior.

The main living area, made up of a cozy breakfast nook and family room, with high ceilings and large windows was immediately transformed through installing curtains. A fabric by Trend in the perfect shade of blue, “Wedgewood”, brought warmth and a softness to this once cold and empty space. Emily’s design plan brings a perfect mix of upholstery, textured rugs, wooden accent tables, custom pillows, and statement fixtures to complete the space.

EWS Interior Design

EWS Interior Design

Boldly patterned wallpaper in the dining room offers a fitting juxtaposition against the antique dinning table at the center of the room. The chandelier above feels feminine and serves as a visual mediator of sorts, bringing unity between old and new. The same sisal rugs by Stark used in both the dining room and formal sitting room opens the floor plan, allowing the rooms to flow nicely together. Emily’s design approach feels cohesive, each room working well with one another, but she also integrates unique design elements in each space to present different points of interest, which speaks to her depth as a designer. Her ability to take existing client pieces, a husband’s love for antiques, a wife’s more modern flare, and create perfect harmony is a talent to watch.

Emily Williams Stankus lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband and is the owner of EWS Interior Design. She has a Residential Interior Design degree and brings years of experience and expertise working for Circa Interiors and Traditions in Charlotte, North Carolina. She considers her own style to be Transitional. Emily enjoys life with a balance of busy workweeks, long lazy weekends with her husband and dog Lucy, as well as spending time with family and friends to enjoy some good food and wine.

Images by Candice Lanning,