A comfortable shoe is a must (non-negotiable) for my lifestyle. Our two young boys keep me on my toes - and feet, so I need a shoe that can carry me throughout my day. Fit, versatility, and style are key and Rothy's flats amazingly provide it all.

Rothy's come in two styles, the flat and point, in great colors and fun prints. The point is my personal favorite and because I could not decide between the charcoal and navy birdseye, I had to have both.


The Point (Navy Birdseye)




Sweater / Pants


The Point (Charcoal Birdseye)




The story behind Rothy's, how the shoe is made, is as cool as the shoe itself. We chatted with the Rothy's founders to learn more.

Noteworthy: What inspired Rothy's?  

Rothy's: Rothy’s was inspired by the desire to create the ultimate “front of closet” shoe for women - the shoe that every woman wants to slip on at a moment’s notice because of its versatility, fashionability, and comfort without having to endure the decision making process. While our goal is to build a chic footwear brand that is truly differentiated within the marketplace by virtue of its material and aesthetic, ultimately, the ability to build a shoe that could fulfill the multiple needs of a busy woman, without sacrificing on style or comfort, was our driving inspiration.

Noteworthy: What sets your shoe apart? 

Rothy's: Rothy’s are constructed of soft fibers made from recycled water bottles, a carbon-free recyclable rubber outsole and insoles made of recyclable foam. We use a proprietary process to transform PET into a soft fiber, which is then used by Rothy’s in the knitting process to create shoe uppers. Our 3D knitting process dramatically reduces waste because our shoes are knit to shape through a machine instead of sewn, which produces almost no wasted material. Not only is our shoe machine washable and antimicrobial, it is also entirely recyclable upon the end of its wearable life.

Noteworthy: Describe a Rothy’s woman, or the girl you are designing for.

Rothy's: The Rothy’s woman transcends definition. Rothy’s is for anyone who is looking for an incredibly chic flat that is versatile and comfortable. In today’s non-stop world, that could be anyone!

Noteworthy: What was the source of inspiration for the fall collection?

Rothy's: The fall collection is built upon our staple colors like navy, grey, and black, and then broadened with fun prints like python, camo and graphic color blocking. 

Noteworthy: Where can one buy/find your shoes?

Rothy's: Online at rothys.com.

Images by Jonathan Ryan Taylor, jonathanryantaylor.com