Last week we took a family vacay to Sea Island, GA, and we absolutely fell in love with the place! The area has so much to offer. There is something for everyone (think spa, golf, activities for the kids!) and the resort is truly a godsend for families with small children. You don't have to sacrifice luxury and overall aesthetics just because you have little people in tow.

It was our first time to Sea Island so I made sure we did our research prior to booking our stay and planning our visit. Luckily we know a few people who are familiar with the area and they passed along some great recommendations. I also called the resort to book directly (versus booking online) so I could ask about the different options for accommodations and ensure we made the right choice for our family. They were very helpful!

Travel Notes


  • Cloister Beach Club: We decided to stay at the Beach Club for it's close proximity to the beach, pool, and activities for the kids. A suite was perfect for our family, with a large living area (sleeper sofa for the boys!) and separate bedroom with a king bed.


Boys in their happy place. The beach!

The Cloister Main Building


  • Palmer's Village Cafe (St. Simons): A perfect spot for breakfast and just a short 10 minute drive from the resort! I always opt for the basic breakfast (eggs, bacon, grits, and a biscuit or toast) and this one did not disappoint (get the biscuit!). The boys gave the pancakes two thumbs up too!


  • Georgian Room (The Cloister): The Georgian Room is fit for a queen with jaw-dropping chandeliers, fine linens, and views. We decided breakfast would be a wise choice with the boys given its fine dining status. The food was delicious and it was a great opportunity (training of sorts) for the boys to experience a meal here. They were too cute with their collared shirts and linen napkins in lap.


  • Certified Burgers & Beverage (St. Simons): One of the best burgers I have had in a long time! The perfect place for a post-pool lunch. You MUST try the margarita (if that's your thing). I can usually take or leave a margarita, but this one was a TAKE (so good!).


  • Tavola (The Cloister): A great Italian spot (walking distance or a quick golf cart ride from the Beach Club) for a family dinner. The atmosphere and cold glass of rosé had me thinking I was on a date with the hubby, especially with the boys content with crayons and a fun sheet to color (ok Roman was occupied with the nice silverware!). Tavola won us all over with the bread basket, dipping oil, and fresh pasta.


  • Southern Soul Barbeque (St. Simons): We were told this BBQ place was a must try and it was worth checking out! This casual spot was fun for everyone and we enjoyed sitting outside at the picnic tables for lunch. Everyone could just relax (kids could be kids) and the food was enjoyed by all. I typically check out the menu online before visiting a new spot, and would recommend you do so you know what you want when you get to the counter. The "knuckle sammich" (a pork slider) was my favorite (side slaw).



  • Tiny Tykes Stables Tour and Ride (The Stables at Frederica): The boys enjoyed a morning at the stables which included a quick tour, prepping the horses for their ride (brushing and feeding them), and getting to ride around the gorgeous property. Roman was a little hesitant (it was a big horse for him!) but was a trooper and actually enjoyed following behind his brother (once he got on!). Rides aside the property was worth seeing and made for a great photo op (I took a ton of pictures of the boys!). The staff was really kind and great with the kids too.


  • Sea Island Spa: A morning at the spa is just what this mama needed (Thank you Camp Cloister! Which by the way, the boys LOVED). The spa is simply gorgeous and my massage was fantastic. Highly recommend checking out and taking some time for yourself.


  • Sea Island Indoor Pool (Fitness Center): I highly recommend checking out the family swim schedule at the fitness pool. We had one day of rain and the family swim from 1-3pm in the afternoon at the indoor pool was so nice. Boys still got some pool time and everyone was happy!


Post-dinner shenanigans! I love this bunch!

Images taken and edited (A Color Story) on my iPhone.